Oncozene® Microspheres

Varian Medical Systems

Booth: 408

Precisely calibrated small microspheres for controlled embolization: sized for tumor penetration with unique microsphere sizes: 40 µm, 75 µm, and 100 µm, ≥95% of Oncozene Microspheres are within the specified size range1, decreases risk of premature vessel occlusion for deep targeted embolization2, strength in numbers to deliver more microspheres, precise calibration allows for the delivery of more microspheres than competitors in the same volume of product1,2, greater number of small microspheres (≤100 µm) facilitates deeper penetration and increased spatial density for homogenous tumor coverage2-4, single unit syringes are available in 2 ml or 3 ml options to deliver even more microspheres

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